Says Who?


Episode Summary

What what??? What’s this? The second Says Who in a week? That’s right!

Episode Notes

Dan and Maureen are back, after this Sunday’s surprise episode with more! More crime! More details! More documents! More Trump! More legal peril, possible indictments, and institutional chaos!

But first, Maureen has to talk about this Dr. Oz vegetable thing, because it is keeping her up at night. It’s so weird, and so gross. If she can figure out what it means, she’ll understand everything.

Meanwhile, Dan has facts and figures about the raid at Mar-a-Lago—what was taken, when, by whom, and why—and just how long they tried to get it. Spoiler: a weirdly long time. Also, Rudy is in trouble! So much trouble. There’s trouble, right here in Rudy City, and it starts with T and it ends in P and that stands for Trump, or maybe Top Pooper. Something. It all means SOMETHING.

The summer’s not over yet. We have a few more weeks to go before we flame out and slip into a fall of hearings and elections. WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

Strap in, SaysWhovia. Keep your hands and head inside the ride at all times. We’re still going up the hill, and that first drop is going to be WILD.