Says Who?


Episode Summary

Get on your favorite pajamas and get in here, Says Whovia. It’s time to watch some Hanna Barbera!

Episode Notes

CW: The attack on trans rights is discussed toward the end of this episode, starting at about 46 minutes.

It’s Says Who day, and Maureen is fresh off a plane from Texas. Or a plan to Texas. This isn’t entirely clear. Things didn’t entirely go to plan. That’s all right, because Dan is here to bring Maureen back to earth with news. There’s been a lot of strange things doing on concerning the Dominion lawsuit. Turns out, there was some lying going on!

On the 2024 election front, a new contender has entered the ring! Welcome back, Marianne Williamson! This news causes such joy that Dan and Maureen dissociate, because it turns out neither of them is ready to talk about the fact that the 2024 election creeps closer every day. They do what is only sensible under these circumstances—they go to their happy place. Saturday morning cartoons, with all the cereal they can eat. They put the bowls down long enough to discuss the terrifying events happening around trans rights in Tennessee and elsewhere, but then it’s spoons up again.