Says Who?


Episode Summary

It's the 300th episode of Says Who and absolutely our most shambolic yet.

Episode Notes

Greetings from the road, SaysWhovia! 

Well, Maureen isn’t exactly on the road. She’s in Philadelphia, though occasionally sounds like she's underwater (we don't know why and apologize). But Dan very much is, and the road is not being nice to Dan. Dan is having a time of it, and it doesn’t help that the Trump Fuck Around And Find Out calendar is again targeting him personally.

Yes, we’re ending a hot and weird summer and likely going into a hot and even weirder fall. So many trials. So many defendants. So much work for a guy who signed up to write some thing called indictment for f….y….i.

Also, Rudy keeps calling people and begging for money. It’s real funny.

Come sit by the side of the road with us, SaysWhovia. We’re going to be here for a while.