Says Who?


Episode Summary

Everything has lead to this moment.

Episode Notes

It’s a glorious October day. The sun is shining. The golden leaves are falling. Dan is pulling his beard out, while Maureen is decompensating by starting a sticker album. But never mind all that—there’s news afoot! Dan is delighted to let Maureen know about some important news coming out of NYC. Maureen is equally delighted to tell Dan about the current state of the UK. There’s talk of the last January 6th Hearing, complete with a Slim Jim moment while the mob tries to kill Mike Pence.

But forget all of that. There’s news this week so big, it rocks Says Who to its core. It goes all the way to the top. Well, it goes all the way to the fridge next to the Oval Office. This is what Dan and Maureen have been training for for six years. This time, it’s all been worth it.

Hit the button, SaysWhovia. It’s time for a cold one.