Says Who?


Episode Summary

What's spookier than the news? Well... nothing, actually.

Episode Notes

Oh, hello, SaysWhovian! What a nice costume you have! Dan and Maureen have treats for you! Here’s a Snickers, a Kit Kat, a Reece’s Cup… and also, the news! Which, as you may have noticed, IS SCARY THIS WEEK. Too scary for Halloween.

But the most scared person is Mike Pence, who dropped out of the Presidential race because he’s adorable. They were going to kill that guy! Meanwhile, Trump keeps going to court, and the in the UK, there’s a reckoning over COVID. At least, people are swearing at each other a lot. Reckonings!

Maureen has candy and a plan for a better life. Also, she may open a cookie and party thing. Dan is encouraging.

Would YOU like Maureen to plan your party? BoooOOOoooOOOoook now!