Says Who?


Episode Summary

It was a big week for dumb people on the internet.

Episode Notes

It’s a big week, SaysWhovia. Maureen has a guest. In her house. Someone is STAYING OVER. Because life is finding a way.

Because he doesn’t want her to get too excited about the experience, Dan decides to tell Maureen all about the state of the mayoral race in New York City—a race in which no one seems to know anything except Andrew Yang. He’s going to be the winner! Dan is sure of it. Maureen is less happy. Dan’s job is done.

But the big story this week is that nothing stays buried forever. The zombies have risen. Trump is back, and he’s Brough the My Pillow guy with him, and together they’re saving America and free speech through the technology of… blogs? Videos? Twitter handles? Dan and Maureen are as confused as they are. It’s an old, familiar feeling. Welcome back to the weird, ranty world of Trump—now with fewer followers!