Says Who?


Episode Summary

Just another slow news week for these two herbs.

Episode Notes

This week, Dan and Maureen go back to where it started, to where they met: on Twitter. Dan was just a bearded child pretending to be a mayor. Maureen was a simply author trying to catch the attention of someone pretending to be a mayor because she really liked the way they pretended to be a mayor. And now here we are, three days in to Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. What will it mean? Did Stephen King just bargain blue checks down to eight dollars?

Also, from the “they were going to kill that guy” files: the strangely underreported story of the man who tried to kill Nancy Pelosi, and the attack on Paul Pelosi. It’s…really bad?

Click like on this one, SaysWhovia. We’re in for a weird ride.