Says Who?


Episode Summary

Disney and Amazon are both in the news in the same week? Why it's a Says Who miracle.

Episode Notes

Boo hoo! Maureen has been attacked by a plant. She has had a week and has been encased in bubble wrap. That’s okay—Dan’s been absorbing the news for her while she grows a new eyeball. Or something.

There is actual good news! A union organizer successfully beat Amazon! Kicking Bezos in the balls is the SaysWhovian way! Meanwhile, another battle looms: the right wing has gone full-on against Disney. It’s Fox versus Mouse time, and things are getting weird.

There is so much Disney in this one. It’s all coming full circle.  Will Disneyland soon be free of red hatted-Republicans, driven away by their leaders and infotainers? Will Dan and Maureen be able to ride the Haunted Mansion 25 times in a row without fear of anti-maskers? And why is Dan talking about the 2024 elections so much? Why won’t he stop?

Get in line, SaysWhovia. Let’s ride Space Mountain.