Says Who?


Episode Summary

The SaysWhovians are back in town.

Episode Notes

Well, SaysWhovia, we begin this week with tales of Rudy Giuliani—terrible tales that Dan and Maureen go over in not great detail, because the details are not great. (For those worried about the more upsetting content, we skip this completely. We’ve got your back on this.) There are tales of pardons for sale and bags of phones. Which somehow leads Dan to a long discussion of the Most Dan Side Quest Ever, and the adventures of an imaginary Ron and fake Paul Stanley from KISS, a sinkhole, a suitcase full of money, and Gary. We’ve found it everyone. We’ve reached peak Dan! We did it!

This has to be heard to be believed. Maureen is still resting in a quiet room with a cool cloth on her temples, trying to take it all in.

We are the SaysWhovians, you know? And we’re back in town.