Says Who?


Episode Summary

Oh ho ho! It’s mid-December! That’s not okay!

Episode Notes

Dan and Maureen are in the festive spirit. Maureen has been following the story of the Very Naughty Christmas Party that is rocking the UK. And also all the Omicron. Also that. Oh, and a billion internet weirdos who have come to say hello to her. She’s keeping it all straight in her head.

Dan’s littlest son has returned to school, so Dan is really not sure where he is or what is going on. Everything is quiet. More time to read about the insurrection! He will tell Maureen all about it. He’s keeping it all straight in his head.

Yes, Dan and Maureen have got their fingers on the pulse of everything and it all makes sense.

Just kidding! 

Now, hang these stockings and sit by the fire. It’s time to hear about some fuckery with your pals.