Says Who?


Episode Summary

Texas, death, and trouble is afoot on today's Says Who.

Episode Notes

Exciting news this week! Maureen got her window fixed! And she went into a Bed, Bath, and Beyond! 

Dan wants to tell her about the news, but she needs him to know all about it. It was so spacious! So full of concrete! 

Dan is persistent. There is a very important gathering happening in Texas—the Q Crew are down in Texas, waiting for the return of JFK Jr. Which is weird. But it gets so much weirder. So much weirder. It turns out we haven’t had 30 presidents, and everyone is coming back from the dead, and there are kings? Or something?

Dan is starting to wish he’d let Maureen tell him more about the concrete floor in the Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

And then, things get weird.

Grab a cart, SaysWhovia! The floors are smooth.

Content note: In addition to a lengthy discussion about Qanon, there is a discussion of the anti-trans movement in the UK.