Says Who?

A Judy Blume Bonus!

Episode Summary

Both Dan and Maureen are on writing deadlines, so we've pulled a bonus episode from the archvies to share here in the main feed! It's about Judy Blume! And chickens! And more!

Episode Notes

SaysWhovians! Maureen and Dan are both up against some hard deadlines and couldn't get this week's episode recorded. But never fear! Maureen had an idea: Let's pull an episode from the Town Watch, our nearly-weekly bonus feed over on the Patreon, and share it with everyone!

So, from April 4, 2021, here's an episode where Maureen tells the story of hanging out with Judy Blume at her home in Key West Florida. 

Judy Blume has had her books banned for decades now, is an inspiration to us all, and also exactly who you would hope she is. 

Enjoy and see you next week!