Says Who?


Episode Summary

Well, SaysWhovia, we’ve entered December. Our journey through 2021 is almost complete. Can you believe it?

Episode Notes

Dan and Maureen are going out of 2021 by going into the world. Not far into the world—just a little bit. Maureen has gone in for a hairdo. Dan’s son is going back into school. They are embracing the world again! Because nothing can go wrong now!

Trump and co are also saying yes to life by starting a new enterprise—and what an enterprise! They have founded a company that will do everything! All the media! Everywhere! All the time! They are very good at making things happen and running things so this can only go well. Dan really wants to break this down. How many things can a company do?

Because, SaysWhovia, we are riding out the period between sharks. Might as well get a hairdo and go to the bakery. Let’s milk every last drop out of 2021 before something eats our feet.

Grab an innertube and hop in!