Says Who?


Episode Summary

Well, it's March.

Episode Notes

*flips calendar page* Hey, we did it! It’s March! We made it one full year into the COVID lockdown! And Dan is… well, Dan is processing. He’s knows it’s March, but he doesn’t know what year. Maureen must break this to him.

It’s a SaysWhovian look back at a super duper weird year, and the strange, perpetual March that has everyone feeling ugggnnnhhhhnnnhhhhhhhh. Remember getting that first grocery delivery slot? Moving the furniture for working and schooling at home? Remember literally anything else?

Plus, CPAC unveils a literal golden idol, Cuomo is a no-no, vaccines are on the way…and Maureen has some weird stuff in a very loud paper bag.

It’s just a jump to the left, SaysWhovia, then a year of staying indoors to the right! *circles hips*