Says Who?


Episode Summary

By the time you finish this episode maybe there will be another new Prime Minister in the UK.

Episode Notes

Friends, Dan is having a tough week. There is far too much going on. And the recording keeps shutting down and restarting…like the UK government! We’re back in!

Yes, SaysWhovia, it’s a special UK news report. What the hell is happening? Maureen will tell you. It involves many prime ministers, a midnight flight from a tropical island, and a child in a monocle. Oh, and a fistfight, maybe. Also, what’s going on with the January 6th hearings? And did you know there’s an election in two weeks? Yes, it’s Says Who’s sixth election! That’s way more than intended!

We’ll also get to the bottom of what Maureen is supposed to do with this two dollar bill. And then we’ll make Dan take a nap.

Call your nanny, SaysWhovia. By jove!