Says Who?


Episode Summary

Into the chipper we go.

Episode Notes

Oh hello, SaysWhovia. We were just examining this ancient book of spells and portents. Let’s see…an earthquake, an eclipse, lightning hitting the Empire State Building…oh. Just a typical week in New York City. Nothing weird going on at all. Oh wait. The Trump trial is about to start in Maureen’s hometown! That must be it. 2024 is finally turning on the gas and showing us what’s made of.

Or IS it? Is it still making us wait? Why is Dan just listing the names of cities? Why is Maureen coughing? Are they trying to stall for time? Is it because they know what 2024 wants?

A little bit. Maybe a little bit. But! Dan does know a lot of city names, and Maureen likes lots of stuff. Because after the lists and the quakes comes the woodchipper. And a trip to Disney.

Get behind us, SaysWhovia. We’ll go first.