Says Who?


Episode Summary

Things are really getting exciting in the New York politics and Dan *can not wait* to tell Maureen. She, though, has other plans.

Episode Notes

We all developed new hobbies during lockdown. Maureen collected bins and drop-crotch jumpsuits. Dan made masks and relentlessly trolled Maureen about the state of New York politics. This is still his favorite! He does it ALL THE TIME. This was the biggest week yet for Dan’s new pastime. Andrew Guillani has entered the ring and Dan simply could not be more delighted. Maureen tries to deflect. There are horny peacocks to talk about. And horny donkeys. And roller-skates. And soup.

None of it will work. Dan is on a mission. No amount of soup talk will distract or dissuade him. In fact, he has learned something so terrible that he refuses to say it out loud on the podcast, but he tells Maureen because this is the kind of friend he is.

Maureen is very ill-treated.

Come to the woods, SaysWhovia. The animals are weird and the soup is plenty.

Content: Some very horny animals, soup. Don't Google that one thing.